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Introducing ScoliBrace

An original super-corrective rigid brace

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Intro to Scolibrace

The ScoliBrace gives a better option for rigid bracing. It is designed to hold the spine and posture in an over-corrected or mirror-image position and therefore, offloads those traumatic forces which lead to worsening of the spinal curve and oftentimes, the need for surgery.

Initial results of the ScoliBrace show that it is superior than other traditional rigid braces that essentially hold the child in a neutral position. The over-corrected positioning that the ScoliBrace achieves allows for a reduction of curvature as the child grows. Although more research is forthcoming, the initial results show that these corrections are long-lasting, not just while they are wearing the brace.

ScoliBrace: An over-correcting rigid brace

Spinecor Brace for Adults
How to get braced:

Upon initial assessment digital x-rays will be taken and evaluated (or brought by parents). It will be determined which corrective brace is most appropriate (SpineCor, ScoliBrace day brace, ScoliBrace night brace).

If the ScoliBrace is the brace recommended, a three-dimensional scan will be taken of the patients back and torso. This information along with the x-rays are sent to ScoliBrace, where a custom rigid brace will be created and shipped to our clinic within about two weeks.

Patient gets to choose from many colours and design patterns.

At brace fitting, the doctor will make any brace modifications as necessary to provide as much comfort as possible.

Regular check-ups (every 3 months) will be done to monitor treatment progress.

There may be home recommendations also given in regard to corrective exercises, heel lift usage, or home ScoliRoll traction - depending on the case.

How does ScoliBrace compare?

If your child is wearing a rigid brace already, they may as well be wearing an over-correcting one that will give them the best chance to reduce their curve and actually prevent surgery!

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