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Dr. Paul Oakley was among the first in the Greater Toronto Area to be Certified by The Spine Corporation Ltd. in 2008. SpineCor is the first dynamic and corrective brace for the treatment of scoliosis, or lateral curvature of the spine. Originally used to treat idiopathic juvenile scoliosis, today it is used to treat adults as well as children. The SpineCor corrective brace is a proven method to treat scoliosis. In children, the SpineCor brace has been proven to correct scoliotic deformities, and prevent many patients from needing spinal fusion surgery. In adults the Spine Cor brace can provide relief from chronic aches and back pains, and can also provide spinal correction or improvement in spinal alignment. SpineCor was originally invented in Montreal, Canada, by two orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Christine Coillard and Dr. Charles Rivard. The corrective brace is now used around the world to treat idiopathic scoliosis. SpineCor was also featured in Maclean's magazine...

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Dr. Oakley is the first to be certified in the ScoliBrace, the super-corrective rigid brace in Ontario. This is the first rigid brace to target an 'over-correction' in a scoliosis patient in order to invert, reverse or put the patient into a 'mirror-image' of their original deformity. Developed by Dr. Jeb McAviney from Australia and former SpineCor employee, this is what rigid bracing has been waiting for! Initial results from ScoliBracing are incredible. Several case reports have been published and clinical trials are being conducted. The ScoliBrace is expected to become the new rigid brace standard for moderate and especially severe scoliotic curves.

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DO you have scoliosis?

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A simple postural examination is all it takes to detect scoliosis. Look for any of these signs...

  • Uneven shoulder height
  • Asymmetrical shoulder blades
  • Asymmetrical waist.....

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