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Spinecor Brace for Adults
Refer your scoliosis patients for corrective bracing for better pain relief in adults, or to give your pediatric patients the best chance to prevent surgery by stabilizing and/or reducing the magnitude of their scoliotic curve.

For smaller scoliotic curves, aggressive treatment (i.e. early bracing) results in a better end result for the pediatric patient. Traditional approaches are to 'watch & wait,' however, with modern corrective (i.e. over-corrective) bracing, (Spinecor and ScoliBrace) stabilization and even reduction of scoliosis curves can be attained fairly routinely. SEE STUDIES BELOW

With signed consent, we will keep you informed of your patients' bracing results as well as send copies of any relevant x-rays taken at our facilities.

*Note to Chiropractors:

It is our policy for our braced patients to stay on their current chiropractic adjusting programs to ensure their spine remains as loose and supple as possible in order to allow the brace to have its greatest effect.

We only consult patients in regards to their bracing protocol, and will consult the attending chiropractor only if there are any further recommendations to enhance treatment results (i.e. addition of corrective exercises etc.).

Indications for Referral for Corrective Scoliosis Bracing


  • Suspected scoliosis with Positive Adam's test.
  • Suspected scoliosis with Negative Adam's test (It takes a curve of 15-25° to show a positive Adam's test).
  • Severe postural deformity (i.e. large side shift, winged scapula, high shoulder, deformed chest etc.).
  • Pediatric thoracic hyper-kyphosis (typically rare but severe in pediatrics).
  • Scoliosis diagnosis but not a surgical candidate.
  • Severe scoliosis but parents refuse scoliosis surgery.
  • Pediatric patient non-compliant with standard rigid TLSO bracing (excellent candidate for the SpineCor dynamic brace).


  • Idiopathic scoliosis causing back pains.
  • Degenerative scoliosis causing back pain.
  • Prior stable scoliosis that is suspected to have worsened (i.e. late progressive degenerative scoliosis).
  • Thoracic hyper-kyphosis causing mid or low back pain.
  • Thoracic hyper-kyphosis without back pain (This posture has serious deleterious consequences on the heart, lungs and for those with osteoporosis).

Referral Process

  • Get the patient to call scoliosisgta direct to book a free scoliosis consultation.
  • Patient to bring most recent x-rays (or can be taken at our facility during consultation).
  • Doctor with special concerns can email info@scoliosisgta.com, or call 905- 868-9090 to discuss concerns or questions about patient prior to referral.

Spine Cor Paediatric Treatment result
Oral Presentation

A prospective Interventional cohort study of 175 patients treated by Spinecor orthosis, following the Scoliosis research society criteria.

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