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Dr. Paul Oakley

Dr. Paul Oakley
Scoliosisgta's Doctors

Dr. Oakley with the creators of the SpineCor brace, Drs. Charles Rivard and Christine Coillard.


Hi there, my name is Dr. Paul Oakley. I created Innovative Spine & Wellness to study and practice posture correcting techniques for my patients, and have been doing so for over a decade.

I have been using the SpineCor bracing system for treating scoliosis for several years. I have been amazed at the instant success the brace has been providing the majority of my scoliosis patients.

In children and teenagers, the SpineCor brace can provide often immediate and progressive correction to scoliotic spines. In adults the SpineCor brace can provide effective pain relief and management of the chronic pains associated with adult scoliosis.

In 2014 I starting rigid bracing with ScoliBrace. The ScoliBrace is an over-correcting rigid brace for larger curvatures. Initial results are very exciting! Patients are reducing their curves and are favouring this brace over their former rigid braces.

If you are interested in finding out if the SpineCor or ScoliBrace is an effective option for you, call my office to arrange for a free consultation.